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We are Mind of a Fashionista! Who are we you ask? Well we are Ak Brown and Diamond Hudson, two bff’s (best fashion friends) who just want a slice of fashion heaven, by providing a diverse source of fashion news, and ultimately making #MOAF the one stop shop for fashion and style news! It’s been 2 years so far, and we are just beginning!


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Relaxed And Healthy Hair

One of the more popular trends within the African American community is to be natural, meaning discontinuing the use of chemicals that alter the hair's natural texture. Although this is a great way to maintain a healthy hair lifestyle it does take a lot of work (I've tried, and epically failed). And there is also the notion, more a myth, that unless you rock your natural hair, but instead resort to chemically processing your hair, then your hair isn't as healthy as it should be, or not healthy at this true? Well I am here to say absolutely not and I will explain why.

Category: Fashion

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Busy Fashionista? Tips and Tricks!

I never would’ve imagined everything I could do on a daily basis. School, work, trying to not mess up when it comes to motherhood, having somewhat of a social life while trying to be fashionable at the same time, and not to mention running my own fashion blog. These are just some of the things I did and still do on a daily basis. Being a recent college grad (yay me!) I have been able to actually have time to reflect of how busy of a life I use to live. Juggling everything I just listed in addition to other endeavors, it gets hard sometimes, so from one busy fashionista to another I've decided to compile a list of tips and tricks on how to manage this busy chaotic world-wind we call our lifestyles.

Category: Fashion

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DIY: Distressed, Destroyed and Bleached Jeans

Hey guys, so a lot of my friends have been asking me to do a tutorial on how to destroy, distress, and bleach jeans after they saw a pair I did recently, so I said hey why not let’s do it! This is actually going to be 2 tutorials in 1, because I turned some baggy jeans into high waisted skinny jeans, and then used those jeans and turned them into a pair of high waisted, distressed, destroyed, and bleached jeans.

Category: Fashion

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