Profile: Mike Daniel

Chair, Local Surfrider Chapter

Hi my name is Mike and I am a Surfrider because… I love Florida's natural beaches, because I have been lucky enough to surf and fish on a couple of special stretches of them here in Brevard County for a long time, and because I want to see them preserved.
Mike Daniel has been on the front lines in the battle against new offshore drilling in the South Atlantic. In late January, the Obama Administration announced its plans to expand oil and gas projects for much of the Mid- and South Atlantic as well as parts of the Arctic and Gulf of Mexico. Thanks in part to the Surfrider Florida chapter region’s work in helping to get several municipalities to pass resolutions - opposing offshore drilling exploration - Florida was spared through 2022.

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Surfers & Turtles Like FL's Natural Beaches

From Melbourne Beach down to Sebastian Inlet, the southern fifteen miles of Brevard County’s coast has always been a haven for surfers. The water always seemed a little clearer, the waves a little snappier, and the relative sparseness of development made for ‘’wilder’’ beaches. And of course there was the Sebastian Inlet itself, home to the best-known wave on the East Coast.
But you might not know that these same beaches are also the most important sea turtle nesting habitat in the northern hemisphere.

Category: Nature

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