Profile: Mick Reed

Mick Reed is a retired historian who specialised in 19th-century English rural history. He moved to Australia from the UK in 1995 and now spends much of his time researching and writing about aspects of Australian history as well as crime during the Victorian period. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New England.

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NoteStreams By Mick Reed

Jack the Ripper Lives On: Mystery Not Solved

The Jack the Ripper murders are the most potent cold case ever. More than a century on from the first killing in 1888 they are still attracting global attention.
In September a book by Russell Edwards, Naming Jack the Ripper, appeared to great fanfare. In an article in the Mail on Sunday, the author said: "we have finally solved the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was … we have unmasked him."
Solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper is a big claim – but seldom have so many words been written about so few pieces of meaningful evidence. Let’s take a closer look at Edwards' argument.

Category: Science

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