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Professor of Music

Michael Casey is the James Wright Professor of Music, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, and former Chair of the Department of Music (2009-2013) at Dartmouth College. He directs the Bregman Media Labs, an interdisciplinary collective of faculty and students from multiple departments. Google scholar h-index 25
I studied music composition with Cedric Carnall at the Lutterworth Grammar School and then studied electro-acoustic music with Denis Smalley at the University of East Anglia, UK; Jon Appleton, Kathryn Alexander, and Larry Polansky at Dartmouth College, USA; and Tod Machover and Barry Vercoe at the MIT Media Lab, USA. I have received two international prizes and my works which appear on two CDs published by the Media Laboratory at MIT.
Computer Scientist
In 1984, at the age of 16, I wrote my first commercial computer program, in 6502 assembly language, to analyze and predict premier league soccer results for Ken Flood, a local entrepreneur. After receiving my doctorate from MIT I became a research scientist at the MERL computer science laboratory in Cambridge, MA (1999), Professor of Computer Science at the Unversity of London's Goldsmiths College (2004), and Professor of Music and Computer Science at Dartmouth (2008-). From 2009-2013 I was Chair of the Department of Music and 2011-2013 I was co-chair of the Year of the Arts initivative.

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Looking For Art In Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms help us to choose which films to watch, which music to stream and which literature to read. But what if algorithms went beyond their jobs as mediators of human culture and started to create culture themselves?

Category: Science

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