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I used to be a small-town newspaper reporter. I owned a car and rented an apartment and spent my days ambling from village to village, covering tractor festivals and 100th birthdays and town council meetings. I used to buy my eggs from the farmer down the road. I used to take dance classes with menopausal women at the YMCA. I used to live with a man I was in love with for six years. I used to be a little lonely and unsure of myself. I used to write a blog. Then, as it does, life started to pull the rug out from under me. And rather than wait to fall, I opted to take a flying leap. And kept right on leaping. Now I’m a city-dweller. I take public transit and rent a more expensive apartment and spend my days working in a shiny glass rectangle. Now I buy sushi from the place around the corner. Or the one up the street. Or the one down the street. Now I do hot yoga with trendy 20-somethings and go dancing with my girlfriends. Now I go on first dates. I’m lonely and unsure of myself in new ways. But. Now I laugh more. And now I write a blog.

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Wisdom Teeth: Who Needs ‘Em?

I’ve been taking some much needed time off from keeping up with this wee internet space to focus first on school and then on my health and emotionally and physically de-cluttering my life a bit. It’s all been very worthwhile, but now I’m hoping to sneak in a bit more regular writing here.

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