Profile: Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards is a Publications Manager for PLOS ONE and a Registered Electroencephalographic Technologist. Before joining PLOS, Megan worked in research and clinical neurophysiology labs, specializing in electroneurophysiology and coordinating research projects at UNC Chapel Hill and Stanford. She holds a BA in Biology and is passionate about supporting the PLOS mission to transform science communication.

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NoteStreams By Megan Edwards

Awkward Silences: Technical Delays Hurt

Smooth social interaction is fundamental to a sense of togetherness. We’ve all experienced disrupted conversations—some caused by human awkwardness and others by breakdowns in technology. The content of our interactions does influence our connection to each other, but the form and process of communication also play a role. Technical delays that occur below our conscious detection can still make us feel like we don’t quite click with the person we are trying to communicate with.

Category: Science

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Music, Language, and the Brain

Have you ever thought about everything that goes into playing music or speaking two languages? Musicians for example need to listen to themselves and others as they play, use this sensory information to call up learned actions, decide what is important and what isn’t for this specific moment, continuously integrate these decisions into their playing, and sync up with the players around them. Likewise, someone who is bilingual must decide based on context which language to use, and since both languages will be fairly automatic, suppress one while recalling and speaking the other, all while continuously modifying their behavior based on their interactions with another listener/speaker.

Category: Science

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