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Since 1997, Meathead Movers has taken the simple philosophy of superior customer service and parlayed it into a thriving and growing company that has changed the way people perceive the household moving and storage industry. Meathead Movers currently handles more than 10,000 local moves per year, and has been voted the #1 moving company in every market served.
Founders and brothers, Aaron and Evan Steed, manage a team of energetic student athletes who deliver a unique customer service experience with a relentless strive to make things happen. College athletes are busy and Meathead Movers understands how hectic their schedules can be. Management works around games, practices and tests to make sure team members are able to focus on school and athletics, while developing skills for their future careers. Team members are encouraged to stay fit and healthy, so Meathead Movers offers the opportunity to workout in between jobs or after work with an on-site gym. Because Meathead Movers is hiring students, it is essential to maintain good grades and keep an updated resume. Management acts as mentors and helps balance work, school and sports, while coaching students every step of the way to reach their full potential.
Meathead Movers is committed to utilizing its talents to help those who need it most. With the alliance of the local women shelters in each operating service area, Meathead Movers pledges to move women out their domestic violence situation for free. Additionally, Meathead Movers is proud to offer a unique Senior Care Program to assist mature adults moving in and out of assisted living facilities.
Accompanying the Meathead Movers are the Princess Packers, a team of expert packers who always go a step above for customers. For more information about Meathead Movers, visit:

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Pledged To #MoveToEndDV

We challenge you to make an impact with your business, just like these businesses have pledged. Check out these companies that have taken the Pledge, and support their commitment to #MoveToEndDV.
Our goal is to inspire at least 100 businesses across the world to find ways to help victims of domestic violence. If you need help, ideas, connections or anything else, we have full-time staff ready to assist you. Join the movement!
This NoteStream is updated regularly, so be sure to check back for see new companies as they pledge!

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High school brothers Aaron and Evan Steed needed to find a way to make money while accommodating their school and athletic schedules. So in 1997, they established Meathead Movers as the student athlete moving service and quickly earned the reputation as the “go to movers” in the small town of San Luis Obispo. With that reputation also came the frantic phone calls. Victims looking to flee dangerous situations were desperate to get out, without financial means or logistical support and usually in a small window of time while the abuser was out.

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