Profile: Matthias Mauch

Fellow, Royal Academy

I'm a lecturer and researcher in the field of music informatics. I currently work as a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. Past work places include the Internet music platform, where I worked as Research Fellow, the Japanese research center AIST in Tsukuba, and, as a research student, the Centre for Digital Music.
My research interests are in Audio Music Informatics, the Evolution of Culture and the Science of Singing.

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Discover 3 Revolutions of American Pop

In modern societies, cultural change seems ceaseless. The flux of fashion is especially obvious for popular music. While much has been written about the origin and evolution of pop, most claims about its history are anecdotal rather than scientific in nature. To rectify this, we investigate the US Billboard Hot 100 between 1960 and 2010. Using music information retrieval and text-mining tools, we analyze the musical properties of approximately 17,000 recordings that appeared in the charts and demonstrate quantitative trends in their harmonic and timbral properties.

Category: Music

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