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Matthew Callahan is a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he earned a B.F.A. in Theatre and had a wonderful eight-year career as a stage and film actor. Eventually, his passion for writing, technology, and web design got the better of him and he dove head-first into a career in geek services. In 2011 Matthew founded Digitalimit, a design and marketing agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find their voice online. From time to time, he also enjoys freelance writing -- especially on the topic of good drinks. Matthew lives in New York City with his wife, and their two wonderful MacBooks.

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Alcohol Professor’s 10 Best Bars in the US

Here at The Alcohol Professor we’re all about spreading the love around. When it came time to write an article about the 10 best bars in the United States, we didn’t want it populated almost exclusively with joints from New York, or San Francisco, as so often happens. (No fault to NYC or SF, you do great work—but so do other places!) Below, you will find a fastidiously researched list of America’s best bars, spread out over the entire country, with no city overlap. [Editor’s note: It’s our first real Top 10 List, so we thought we’d start with a Top 10 of everyone’s Top 10. These are the drinking establishments that everyone insists are the “If you have only one night in ____ this place is not to be missed” places.] Enjoy!

Category: Travel

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