Profile: Matt Traver

Expedition Leader

Matt Traver is a British-American national originally from Hong Kong. He has organised and lead expeditions to remote and little-explored areas to attempt unclimbed mountains such as in Arctic Greenland, the jungles of Malaysia and alpine peaks in Kyrgyzstan on the border of China. He is currently working on completing the documentary films for One Steppe Ahead which will include Under and Eastern Sky, A Portrait of Orozbek, Through Grains of Sand and Sun and Wild Steppe.

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NoteStreams By Matt Traver

Climbing in East Greenland

A decade-long desire to visit Greenland and the allure of journeying by boat into virgin territory to attempt unclimbed peaks, two or more days away from civilization, is what inspired us to set our sights on Timmiarmiut, an area of fjords, granite walls, peaks and spires 300km south of Tasiilaq, East Greenland.

Category: Travel

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