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Matt Archambault is a beer enthusiast based in NYC. With over 15 years of experience behind a bar, Matt is the of beer - if you like this, you may also like... Join him in his own personal journey of exploration and discovery on Untappd ( In his spare time, Matt has driven a mini-van off a cliff, endured water-boarding, and once appeared on Good Morning America as part of an elaborate prank. Follow him @supercasz

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Eisbock: A History of the Original 'Ice Beer'

To drink any beer in 2013 is to experience the culmination of hundreds of years of development, experimentation, and even a few happy accidents. For no style is this more true than for the German Eisbock. Once a rare find in the US, the last few years have seen more transatlantic shipping of bottles, and even occasional kegs.
To fully understand and appreciate Granitbock Ice, it is best to understand the style variations used to make it.
With flavors of dark fruit brandy and a well-hidden alcohol content of 11.5%, you might also be surprised to learn that the extra step in the brewing process required to achieve these qualities is the same treatment used to create Bud Ice.

Category: Craft Beer

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