Profile: Margaret Clifton

Research Specialist

Margaret is a Research Specialist at the Library of Congress, with focus on reference and research in the sciences. Additionally, she is experienced in reference guides and bibliographies, programs, writing, special events and more. In her spare time, she is passionate about Antarctica, opera, gardening, cooking and food preservation, reading, film art theater and music.
She has a BA, Design and Visual Communications, General, from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and an MS, Library and Information Science, from The Catholic University of America

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NoteStreams By Margaret Clifton

There Will Be Eggs

A universal symbol of creation is the hatching of an egg. The egg itself figures as an important symbol in many early creation myths across the world, embodying the concepts of birth and rebirth, new life and fertility. Throughout history eggs have been at various times magical, protective, divine — even evil, and they are an obvious fertility symbol.
Beautiful multi-colored and elaborately decorated eggs are a popular folk art across the world. Learn more about their fascinating journey through history!

Category: Arts

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