Profile: Marcello Nicoletti

Prof. of Pharmaceutical Biology

Prof. Marcello Nicoletti has received his PhD in Chemistry at the University of La Sapienza of Rome, Italy during the period of 1970-75. Currently he is working as full professor in the University of La Sapienza of Rome. He is serving as an editorial member and referee for several reputed journals including Natural Product Reports, Plant Biosystem Natural Products, Communication Analytical Letters and others. He has authored more than 100 research articles and books. He is a member of Italian Phytochemical Society, and vice-president of SILAE, the Italian Pharmacognosy Society. He is honoured as consultant expert of EMA.

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NoteStreams By Marcello Nicoletti

How to Save The Olive Trees of Puglia

A common, humble field bug is spreading a disease that has already infected millions of olive trees in Italy. Olive and citrus fruit crops throughout the Mediterranean are threatened, yet there has been a collective failure to recognize the danger and take decisive action. In Puglia in southeastern Italy, 241,000 hectares of olive groves have been restricted, with at least 10% of the 11m olive trees in the worst-affected region, Lecce, infected by the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium. The disease has almost entirely wiped out the region’s olive trees in the two years since it was first detected, and threatens the olive crop elsewhere in the country.

Category: Nature

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