Profile: Mara Dias

Water Quality Manager, Surfrider

Growing up on a farm in upstate NY, trips to the beach were reserved for yearly vacations only – but it didn't take more than that for me to catch the beach bug. All of my moves since leaving home have been aimed at experiencing and learning about different coastal areas. College, graduate school, and a stint volunteering in the Peace Corps have taken me around the world, studying our marine environments and learning along the way about the people and communities that rely on the sea for their livelihood, enjoyment and quality of life.
As Water Quality Manager for the Surfrider Foundation, I am so psyched to be working at the intersection of science and policy to help local citizens and communities take action to protect and enhance their oceans, waves and beaches. Check out the Blue Water Task Force, Surfrider's volunteer water testing program, where everyday people are monitoring the health of their beach water and finding local solutions to beach pollution.

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Water Quality Month: Reduce Your Water Footprint

It’s simple. What happens onshore affects water quality downstream at our beaches and the health of our ocean. Through our Clean Water Initiative, Surfrider takes an integrated, watershed-based approach to protect local water supplies and prevent pollution from reaching our ocean, waves and beaches. We all can make an impact—even through what we eat—to make a difference to conserve the precious commodity of water.

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Your Input Is Shaping The Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just finished incorporating over 1 million public comments into an Administrative rule to clearly define 'Waters of the US' and restore Clean Water Act protections to small streams and wetlands. Here at Surfrider, we know clean water at the beach starts with healthy waters upstream, and we submitted comments to EPA in support of a strong CWA rule.

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