Profile: Manny Gonzales

Beverage Director of Saloon Davis

Manny Gonzales us the Beverage Director of Saloon Davis in Massachusetts. Now open at 255 Elm Street in the heat of Davis Square, Saloon Davis is inspired by the iconic New York City pre-prohibition establishments. With a focus on brown liquors and local beers, Saloon calls reference to a time when drinks were serious and uncomplicated. The Menu is intended for sharing and combines historic American dare with contemporary favorites. The second venture by Somerville restaurateurs Ken Kelly and David Flanagan who opened Foundry on Elm fall of 2010.

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NoteStreams By Manny Gonzales

Misunderstood History & Heritage of Cinco de Mayo

It was a beautiful, balmy 70 degrees as I ordered a Manhattan at my favorite watering hole when a half intoxicated German college student asked me “whaaa in the hell are you drinking? It’s Mexican independence, gringo!” Of course he was referring to Cinco de Mayo or what I like to call… May 5th. And of course the gringo referenced my Mexican mother and Mexican-American father as well as my Manhattan. I really didn’t feel the need to let him know that Mexican Independence was on September 16th (I was lucky enough to celebrate it as a child in Hermosillo MX, the home of my mother). And as much as I wanted to correct him, I figured if he is happy and feels connected with my past, at least until his hang over tomorrow, who am I to judge? But now that he has long forgotten me and probably the bar he was at that night I do not mind some correction.

Category: History

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Irish Whiskey: The Flavors of the Republic

As we draw closer to the wearing of the green and the drinking of the brown, could there be better time to taste our way through history? We all know that green beer and shots of Irish whiskey are the staple for Saint Patrick’s Day; but why? Why is there an obligation to obliteration?

Category: Cocktails

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