Profile: Maggi Kelly

Professor of Environmental Science

Maggi is a Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Environmental Science, Policy and Management department at UC Berkeley. She studies the drivers, patterns and consequences of environmental change across California’s spatially complex, socially diverse and dynamic landscapes. Her technological expertise in GIScience includes remote sensing analysis, object-based image analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar analysis, participatory webGIS and field-based monitoring. She often uses a suite of these tools to address an environmental problem and engage with interested stakeholders.

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NoteStreams By Maggi Kelly

California’s Majestic Trees are Declining

Scientists in my native state of California were handed a gift: a trove of detailed information about the state’s forests taken during the 1920s and 1930s and digitized over the past 15 years. When we compared this historical data – covering an area bigger than Great Britain – to current forests surveys, we found that California’s famed giant trees are suffering due to drier and warmer conditions.

Category: Nature

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