Profile: Lydia Jones

Adjunct Professor of Law, Vanderbilt

Lydia Jones has 20 years of business and legal experience in the Internet media space and was one of the first civil lawyers in the country to practice in the fields of internet law and online privacy. After earning law degrees from both New York University and Boston University, Jones was a partner in a 100-lawyer law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, where she led the Internet Law Practice Group in both commercial litigation and corporate transactions. She is founding president of Nashville-based InSage, which helps companies balance their commercial interests in leveraging acquired consumer data with privacy rights and regulations. Lydia also teaches Information Privacy Law at Vanderbilt Law School.

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If You Think Your Emails are Private, Think Again

When you type up a racy email to a loved one, do you consider the details private? Most of us would probably say yes, even though such messages often end up filtered through intelligence agencies and service providers. On the other hand, as the digital world becomes more personalized, consumers have begun to accept, appreciate and apparently request relevant connections between their online behavior and displayed advertisements.

Category: Business

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