Profile: Louisa Richmond-Coggan

The driving force behind the career path I have taken has been my desire to use the knowledge gained from scientific research and apply it to conservation management action plans and strategies. Every experience and qualification I gained has developed my understanding of the field of conservation and the logistical requirements needed to run a project as well as feeding my enthusiasm and love of wildlife and conservation. Discussing human-wildlife conflict with local Maasai communities in Kenya or Afrikaans farming community in South Africa, the fundamental message is the same but the solutions are very different and that is where I believe the challenge lies. I look forward to tackling these challenges and in turn developing as a conservation practitioner.

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NoteStreams By Louisa Richmond-Coggan

Catching Hyaenas - On Camera

I spent a few years in South Africa searching for the elusive brown hyaena. The aim of the study was to assess the differences in the distribution and abundance of brown hyaena between protected and unprotected farmland areas in South Africa. Many medium- to large-sized carnivores have come into direct conflict with humans, leading to localised extinctions.
Brown hyaenas are classified as “Near Threatened”, with an estimated 2,500 free ranging animals remaining in South Africa. The International Union for Conservation of Nature suggests that brown hyaenas are under threat from human persecution and habitat loss, and that a greater understanding of its distribution and abundance is needed throughout its geographic range.

Category: Nature

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