Profile: Louisa Matwiejczyk

Lecturer & Dietitian

Louisa is a lecturer and a Dietitian with over 20 years’ experience as a Community Nutritionist-Dietitian and Nutrition Manager. Louisa has worked in several community based positions, establishing new services, project managing regional and state wide multi-strategy nutrition initiatives, developing healthy eating policy and working in nutrition promotion at the local, regional and state level. Louisa left health in 2014 to work full-time at Flinders University as a lecturer with Nutrition and Dietetics. There she has continued her interest in researching and supporting nutrition best practices in two of our most vulnerable populations: Aged Care Homes and childcare. Louisa is currently completing a PhD on nutrition best practices, working with children and the people who support them in childcare.

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NoteStreams By Louisa Matwiejczyk

Are There Health Risks For Raising a Vegetarian?

An increasing number of blogs by “ethical mums” have sparked discussions about the appropriateness of imposing vegetarianism, veganism or pescatarianism on their children.
Some view these diets as restrictive and query whether the removal of meat or even all animal products from a child’s diet is healthy given their extra dietary needs for growth and development.

Category: Food

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