Profile: Louis-Philippe Rochon

Professor at Laurentian University

Louis-Philippe Rochon is an economics professor at Laurentian University. He has previously taught at the University of Ottawa and the New School for Social Research. He has been a recipient of the Organization of American States Fellowship in Economics. He has written and edited books on the subject of economics.

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NoteStreams By Louis-Philippe Rochon

Yes or No: Should Greece Exit the Euro?

When witnessing the struggles of a small country like Greece trying to push against the formidable force of the institutions-formally-known-as-the-troika, we cannot but wonder if this drama is as much about economics as it is about the exercise of power and control. Imagine what would happen if independent and sovereign countries actually tried to exercise that frightful ‘D’ word. After all, isn’t democracy always the rallying cry of the oppressed?

Category: Business

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