Profile: Liza Picard

Writer on history of London

Liza Picard researches and writes about the history of London. She spent many years working in the office of the Solicitor of the Inland Revenue and lived in Gray’s Inn and Hackney, before retiring to live in Oxford.

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NoteStreams By Liza Picard

Victorian Britain: The Working Classes & the Poor

The Victorians liked to have their social classes clearly defined. The working class was divided into three layers, the lowest being 'working men' or labourers, then the ‘intelligent artisan’, and above him the ‘educated working man’. In reality, things were not so tidily demarcated.

Category: Book Club

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Health And Hygiene In The 19th Century

In the 19th century, disease like, cholera, TB and smallpox were relentless, and occurred in waves of epidemics. Liza Picard explains how the medicinal landscape was shaped by health innovations and pioneers in the medical field.

Category: Book Club

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