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Prof. of Accounting

I am Professor of Accounting at University of Portsmouth Business School and have extensive experience in food supply chain research. I am also a qualified accountant, and worked as an auditor for 10 years before moving into higher education. I currently lead the Food Fraud Group for the Centre of Counter Fraud Studies at Portsmouth where I am carrying out research with Jim Gee into the cost of fraud and resilience to fraud in the food industry, and developing cutting edge courses for the food industry using our unique approach and experience. Other roles include teaching on the Business School’s forensic accounting programmes and jointly leading a project on traceability in fish supply chains with Dr Mark Xu. I am the author of ‘Benchmarking in Food and Farming: creating sustainable change’ published by Gower and have a number of reports published by CIMA under their 'From Gate to Plate' series of reports.
In general terms, my research interests lie in management information for decision-making, including accounting communication and education. I co-edited The Routledge Companion to Accounting Communication with Jane Davison (Royal Holloway University of London) and Russell Craig (Victoria University, Melbourne). I am particularly interested in the use of social theory investigate the reasons why accounting tasks are done in the way they are and why they might be done differently, to paraphrase Raymond J. Chambers.

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Food Fraud is Still Hard to Detect – So Follow the Money

Food mis-labelling is widespread, as is the practice of substituting premium commodity products in whole or in part with cheaper ingredients.

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