Profile: Lindsay Smith

Researcher & Archivist

Lindsay Smith is Researcher and Archivist for the Female Biography Project. She earned a BA in History from New School University where she focused her research on the development of women’s higher education in America. Lindsay earned an MS in Information from The University of Michigan with a concentration in archive management and preservation. Her professional experience includes work in various archives and libraries including the Grand Rapids Public Library, The Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry at the University of Michigan, The Ann Arbor District Library and the Flat River Community Library. She is currently Senior Curatorial Technician with the Harvard College Observatory Astronomical Plate Collection.

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NoteStreams By Lindsay Smith

Stellar Spectra: Antonia Maury

By: Lindsay Smith 29885
Antonia Maury (March 21, 1866 – January 8, 1952) was an American astronomer who published an important early catalog of stellar spectra.

Category: Biography

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Annie Jump Cannon

If you've never heard of Annie Jump Cannon, prepare to be amazed. She was an outstanding scientist whose research helped shape contemporary astronomy. She was honored with numerous awards for her work at Harvard College Observatory, and In numerous cases, she was the first woman ever to do so.

Category: Biography

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