Profile: Leslie Henderson

Leslie has run a federally-funded research laboratory for 25 year, with an emphasis on the effects of steroids on the brain and behavior. She has served as the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs for 6+ years and currently also serves as the Associate Dean for Diversity.

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NoteStreams By Leslie Henderson

How Our Brains View Others

Race-related demonstrations, Title IX disputes, affirmative action court cases, same-sex marriage bans.
These issues made headlines in all spheres of the media this year. However, thoughtful articles on these subjects seem always to devolve to pitting warring factions against each other: black vs white, women vs men, gay vs straight.
At the most fundamental level of biology, we recognize the innate advantage of defining differences in species. But even within species, is there something in our neural circuits that leads us to find comfort in those like us and unease with those who may differ?

Category: Science

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