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Reference Librarian

Kristi Finefield is a Reference Librarian in the Prints and Photographs Division at the Library of Congress. Her love of libraries plus a long held interest in photography and the visual arts has made P&P her perfect home since 1999. Her experience with the Library’s photostream in Flickr kindled an interest in writing about pictures and reaching out to researchers. Kristi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., and a Master's in Library Science from Catholic University. Her work with an architectural firm in Richmond, Va., still comes in handy given the many architecture, design, and engineering collections in P&P.

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NoteStreams By Kristi Finefield

Movie Theater Etiquette: Ladies, Kindly Remove Your Hats

Summer movie season is upon us! Many of us escape into a cool, dark theater to see the latest blockbuster film during these hot months. And while we wait for the feature to start, we are reminded onscreen to refrain from texting, talking and otherwise disturbing the rest of the audience.
Well, in the course of browsing through our collections for a reference question, I came upon a reminder that some things never change!
Post by Kristi Finefield
Library of Congress Blogs: Picture This

Category: History

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Profiling Portraits: The Art of the Self-Portrait

Let's look at a type of portrait, one which is very popular today, thanks to the advent of smartphones with cameras: self-portraits, commonly referred to as selfies. However, self-portraits have been around for hundreds of years, in many formats, not just photography.
Library of Congress Blogs

Category: History

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Anything to Get the Shot: Photos by “Flash-Light”

Nowadays, we take for granted the ability to photograph under almost any light conditions, but photographers of the nineteenth and early twentieth century went to great lengths to capture images by “flash-light” (not to be confused with our modern battery-operated flashlights).

Category: Arts

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Flipping Through the Card Catalog

Until automated catalogs came along, the way to locate a book was to look it up in a card catalog, usually by title, author or subject. With the information on the card, you could then find your way to the book itself.

Category: For Teachers

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