Profile: Kayla Graham

PLOS Media Manager

Kayla came to PLOS from the Exploratorium’s Public Information Department. She holds a M.S. in International Environmental Studies from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences and a B.S. in Biology and Society from Arizona State University. While conducting her Masters research on global climate change, she co-founded and served on the editorial board of a student-run academic journal at her university. Kayla loves biology and traveling and has wandered the globe conducting biological surveys in the Dry Forest in Ecuador, working on an organic farm in Rogue River, Oregon, and tracking grizzly bears in Glacier National Park.

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NoteStreams By Kayla Graham

The Role of Ice in Penguin, Polar Bear & Ivory Gull Survival

As winter grips the Northern Hemisphere tightly, many of us are happy to retreat to the comfort of our warm homes. But for some animals, this season plays a vital role in the formation of something necessary for their survival, ice. There is one thing that we are becoming increasingly sure about: not all winters are created equal. In some years, ice and snow blanket the ground until mid-spring, and in others, light dustings of snow only last for a couple days. For animals that depend on ice for survival, varying winter conditions year to year may provide challenges to finding food, breeding, and making it from one day to the next.

Category: Nature

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