Profile: Katie Ferguson

Comms Mgr, Surfrider Foundation

Katie hails from Southern California where she spent the last nine years building meaningful relationships as a communications and public relations professional working in academic, corporate, non-profit and agency environments. Traveling around the world for the last decade, she has witnessed first-hand the human destruction and neglect for our oceans, waves and beaches. This drove her to the Surfrider Foundation in January 2014. In this role Katie works with her team to help develop and maintain effective communications for the organization, while helping craft and share stories of the great work by Surfrider activists around the world.

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NoteStreams By Katie Ferguson

Rise Above Plastics: Reuse, Reduce, Refuse & Recycle

The reality of plastic pollution is that it is happening in every home, office, school and community.
Considering the facts, it’s no surprise that it’s the most prevalent type of marine litter worldwide.
The extent of plastic use is mind-boggling.
With this in mind, the Surfrider Foundation created its Rise Above Plastics program in 2007 with a mission to reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment, raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution, and advocate for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics.
Learn how you can make a difference!

Category: Nature

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