Profile: Julie Longyear

Herbal Chemist & Founder, Blissoma

Julie Longyear is the Herbal Chemist and Founder of the award-winning, internationally recognized Blissoma holistic skincare and apothecary line. She has pursued a wellness lifestyle and voracious research into herbs, health, healing, and happiness for 20 years. Her unique product philosophy blends science and art, making otherwise esoteric botanical chemistry accessible, pleasant, and desirable to a wide audience. Julie remains a multi-passionate investigator with a new herb, oil, or healing food always in hand.

Blissoma creates intelligent raw and active skincare and artisan aromatherapy products that offer an authentic experience with exceptional healing botanicals. The award-winning SOLUTIONS organic skincare line is endorsed by natural estheticians and has a devoted following among natural afficionados who love the functional and elegant formulas. The recipes focus top-to-bottom on intensive plant-based nourishment for skin and are known for satisfying picky, sensitive, and problem skin types with radiant results due to the careful research and curation of each formulation. Blissoma reveres the concept of natural while striding boldly into the future of regenerative skincare.

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NoteStreams By Julie Longyear

How Dandelions Benefit Your Skin And Health

With spring invariably comes a flush of yellow in fields everywhere. Despite poison and pulling and the tireless efforts of homeowners everywhere dandelions doggedly stick their little stalks and leaves up out of the ground.
Today I'm here to proclaim loudly that instead of vilification this plant practically deserves its own holiday. Yes, you heard me! Dandelions are one of the most valuable plants in Chinese Medicine, appear in the Pharmacopeias of 4 European countries, and even pop up in the U.S. National Formulary. These maligned little plants pack a lot of healing help into all their parts.
Dandelions are one of those abundant resources that we've simply become blind to over time.

Category: Health

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How Antibacterial Soap Hurts My Child's Skin

While I usually prefer to focus on the positive health benefits of natural choices every once in a while we have to talk about some of the scary details you need to know to stay safe.
Winter is the season of dry hands, and not just for adults. Every winter Tru's hands get irritated by all the synthetic, triclosan-laden soaps that permeate public restrooms at stores and schools. As a mom and as an advocate for healthy, toxin-free skincare this makes me upset and with plenty of reason.
One of the prime takeaways is that children are one of the most at-risk groups for exposure to hormone disruptors like pthalates and parabens, both commonly found in antibacterial soaps along with triclosan.

Category: Health

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5 Skin Benefits Of Eating Salad

Salad has often gotten a bad reputation. It is associated with the dieting girlfriend who won't order anything else, the long suffering vegetarian who can't find anything else to eat on a meat-heavy menu, and being used as a precursor to the "real" food in most meals. Many men wouldn't be caught ordering only a salad when eating out or even eating in. But all these salad stereotypes fail to celebrate the magnificence that salad is for your body and your health. What's more a properly structured salad can be the real nutritional powerhouse of a meal, offering a multitude of benefits to your good looks many cooked foods can't claim.

Category: Health

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