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Judy Hall is a successful Mind-Body-Spirit author with more than 40 books to her credit, including the million-selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1 and 2). She has been a past life therapist and karmic astrologer for more than 40 years. An internationally known author, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, her books have been translated into 15 languages. She recently appeared in the Watkins Review of the 100 most spiritually influential authors. Judy has a B.Ed in Religious Studies with an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology, and an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University.Taken from Earth Blessings by Judy Hall © Watkins Publishing, 2014.

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Introduction to Crystal Healing

Crystals and the rocks that enfold them are reborn star matter, created and recreated by a variety of processes, each of which affects how energy is able to flow. Some crystals solidified from gases, others dripped into being and some were ground up and reformed in layers. A few were created so fast they lack internal crystalline structure. The rock on which you live, or on which a building or a sacred site is situated, has a profound effect on how energy moves through the Earth and on your physiology.
We'll cover the creation of and types of crystals, their healing strengths, the basics of dowsing and the importance of Chakras.

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