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Josh Powell is a bartender from Wales, UK. Plucked from obscurity in early 2013, his obsession with fine drinks has awarded him an impressive list of accolades over the past year alone. His bravely advanced palate and never-ending ambition for the next big challenge keeps him extremely active in the world of cocktails.

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10 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes

Take hot chocolate to the next level! These warming, comforting cocktails will get you through the rest of 2016 and the winter season. Bliss!
The Alcohol Professor

Category: Cocktails

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Dick Bradsell: A Good Bartender (1960 – 2016)

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 28, the bartending community received word that it had lost a legendary bartender and industry icon who managed to do something that many of us can only dream about. Dick Bradsell can be credited with creating a modern cocktail culture in a time where there was none and becoming a well known and very much loved face of the drinks industry not just near his home in the UK but globally.

Category: Cocktails

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A New Classic: Bacardi Legacy Competition

Bacardí Legacy is a global cocktail competition that started in the UK 7 years ago and is arguably one of the industry’s largest competitions. It has grown to expand its reach to over 25 countries with bartenders contending for a chance to win the coveted Legacy cocktail, a trip to the Bacardí’s La Galarza distillery in Mexico, a trip to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and an around the world cocktail voyage. As well as the material prize, the winner sees their cocktail hailed as a new classic; something that will stand the test of time.

Category: Cocktails

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Pink your Drink!

Last year, Alcohol Professor’s Amanda Schuster wrote a piece on the lovely ladies of the industry at Tales of the Cocktail. It was here Amanda got to meet with Ylva Binder, owner of Rhuby Rhubarb Liqueur to discuss how women are propelling the drinks industry forward. The role of women in the industry and female entrepreneurship is something that Binder and the team at Rhuby/Pink Your Drink foundation actively promote whilst also raising money for charity.

Category: Social Awareness

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Sherry: Versatility and Summer Cocktails

As most of us are already aware, Sherry is a couple of years into experiencing its revival. Cocktail bars across the globe have adapted the Spanish fortified wine onto their lists with great success, mainly because of the range and great versatility that comes with it.
Here you'll discover fabulous new cocktails with this classic!

Category: Wine

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