Profile: Joseph F Chandler

Prof. of Psychology

I specialize in the behavioral neuroscience of consciousness, including individual differences in sleep and sleep loss, temporal meta-awareness, and social consciousness. Recent projects include cognitive training techniques to increase fatigue resistance, the impact of temporal comparisons on quality of life, and attribution of blame in Hate Crimes cases.

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NoteStreams By Joseph F Chandler

Can Listening to Music Help You Sleep?

By now, you’ve surely heard that Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. In our always-on society, a solid chunk of nightly rest seems, well, like a dream. We shave the edges of sleep to keep up, exchanging extra waking hours for compromised health, productivity and safety.Despite this, we actually know how to sleep better; the list of empirically supported, low-cost, simple behavioral tweaks is extensive, whether it’s avoiding alcohol as bedtime approaches or just going to sleep at a regular hour. Though changing habitual behavior is easier said than done, one of these tweaks may be as simple as putting in your earphones and pressing play.

Category: Science

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