Profile: Joe Zvada

Hot Air Balloon Adventurer

Joe Zvada is a hot air balloon adventurer living in South Texas USA. He is an internationally recognized competition pilot and a perennial member of Team USA. He will compete later this year in the World Air Games in Dubai. He believes ballooning is at it’s purest when piloting skills and the challenge of adventure meet as it did on this flight.

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NoteStreams By Joe Zvada

Hot Air Balloon Journey Below Earth’s Surface

Half way through our sunrise shift in the mine, we get a brief moment to take it all in. The sun’s rays are just ready to break the crest of the wall and fill the cavern with bright morning light. The air is still and crisp allowing us to almost hover in place, a thousand feet below the Earth’s surface in a hot air balloon. Balloons were once cutting edge technology, the first craft to take humans into the sky. The principles are still the same, hot air rises and balloons go with the wind. Our only means of control are to ride invisible layers of directional air currents to “steer” to a desired location. Large international competitions challenge the world’s best pilots to precision flying tasks with much made of the winners. But it’s not only prize money and world rankings that pilots chase, adventure flying attracts a small but growing number of pilots to apply their skills in less than hospitable environments.

Category: Travel

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