Profile: Jim Henle

Prof. of Math & Statistics

Professor Henle's fields of interest include: set theory, logic, nonstandard analysis, mathematics education, philosophy of mathematics, music and food. He is the Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Smith College.
Henle was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines and has made research trips to England and Venezuela. His current research takes him to to flashing lights, sticky bounces, historic camera angles, economic inequality and tiling planes with squares. His latest book, The Proof and the Pudding, was published in May by Princeton University Press---
Honours include David P. Robbins Prize of the Mathematical Association of America (with son, Fred Henle)

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NoteStreams By Jim Henle

Mathematics, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara & You

I’ve come to believe that mathematics, as an investigative science, as a practical discipline and as a creative art, shares many characteristics with cookery. It’s not just spaghetti alla carbonara, it’s the whole business of inventing dishes and preparing them. It’s an analogy with many parts, and it has consequences. To introduce myself: I’m a professional mathematician, an amateur cook and an enthusiastic eater. The ideas in this essay are distilled from years of formal reasoning, mad culinary experiments and adventurous meals.

Category: Science

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