Profile: Jessica Bryce Young

Food + Drink Editor, Orlando Weekly

Jessica Bryce Young is arts + culture editor at Orlando Weekly. Her Remix column, offering fresh takes on classic cocktails, has run since 2011, and she's been writing about food, books and art since 2003. She's tipped a glass in 28 states, 10 countries, and 3 continents.

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NoteStreams By Jessica Bryce Young

Charles Dickens Was An Inveterate Punch-Maker

It doesn't matter how stubbornly balmy the weather stays in Florida, holidays are holidays, dammit, and December calls for Dickens.
There are so many festive gatherings in the early novels of Charles Dickens, from the Fezziwigs' jolly Christmas dance in A Christmas Carol to Mrs. Hunter's costume breakfast in The Pickwick Papers, none more fun than the ones Mr. Micawber attends or abets throughout David Copperfield; Micawber is called upon to make punch not once but twice in the novel.
Recipes included!
Used with kind permission.

Category: Book Club

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