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Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the spirituality section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-five years.

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The Magic of Music: Tension and Release

Just as certain colors can generate definite physical and psychological changes in a person, so can tones and combinations of tones. Depending on the nature and quality of these tones and how they correlate with the substance present in a given individual, the influence brought into the subconscious mind, may be purifying or contaminating, creative or destructive. And so a certain artistry in handling music and sound of all kinds may be developed, not for the purpose of manipulating moods and human behavior but as a natural complement to the increasing artistry with which we handle everything that appears in our worlds.

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