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Jens is a freelance bartender in Dresden, Germany who decided he'd rather be a good host, than a mechanical engineer. As of the moment he mainly does guest shifts, spreading the knowledge he acquires and learning with each new bar he gets to 'blow up,' while seeking a position outside of the country. He also a brand ambassador for Absyntheum Absinthe in Germany.

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NoteStreams By Jens Kerger

Cocktails with Cupcakes

Pulling off a tricky dessert pairing with treats from NYC's Prohibition Bakery!
The Prohibition Bakery was established in 2011, making the world a happier place ever since. In this tiny little stepdown shop, Leslie Feinberg and Brooke Siem serve cheeky little treats in the shape of cupcakes, and unlike their name suggests, fortified with a not so abstemious amount of booze!
Cupcake and Cocktail recipes included!

Category: Food

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Scottish Hospitality: A Travel Story

Oh please, not another review of a dram we’ve all tasted many times before! Good point. I’m going to go about this topic with a whole different approach, so bear with me. This is about a rather unexpected situation, about an open mind and an open heart, and about feeling right at home wherever you might be.

Category: Travel

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