Profile: Jennifer Rood

Editorial Intern, The Scientist

Jenny Rood was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, where she developed an early love for science and nature from keeping an eye out for scurrying prairie dogs along the highways of her home state. Elementary school science fair experiments on the metal-cleaning powers of lemon juice, the electrical conductivity of pickles, the beauty (or horror?) of everyday bacteria and fungi and the stickiness of adhesive bandages under water were followed by middle school frog dissections and high school genetics lessons that convinced her she wanted to be a biologist. Meanwhile, she published poems and short stories often concerned with animals or biological topics. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biochemical sciences at Harvard University, she continued writing, penning an award-winning essay on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. After college she visited the stunning natural wonders of Antarctica and served as a research fellow in the German parliament before returning to Cambridge and the lab bench. Now armed with a deep biochemical knowledge of enzymes and a Ph.D. in biology from MIT, Jenny is excited to have the opportunity to learn how to communicate to others why science is so fascinatingly beautiful.

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NoteStreams By Jennifer Rood

Robots to the Rescue? Depends on the Humans

Imagine being trapped in a collapsed building. Lying there, conscious, you hear the rubble moving around you. When you finally get a look at your approaching rescuer, you’re a little surprised: it’s about two feet tall and made of metal. You’ve just met a search and rescue robot. Are you relieved? Worried? Both?

Category: Business

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