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Jeffrey Kittel is a baseball researcher who writes the This Game of Games blog about 19th Century baseball. He was a contributor to Major League Baseball Profiles: 1871-1900.Over the last few years, he's had the pleasure of contributing to Protoball, the best baseball history website that exists. 'It's been fantastic getting to work with Larry McCray and others in building a site that I loved well before I was ever involved with it. '
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Yankee Pioneers and Baseball

The playing of ball games has been a recorded part of the human social and cultural system since the beginning of Western Civilization and specific forms of these games, which would eventually evolve into the American game of baseball, developed within European culture during the medieval period.
The influence of culture, and specifically that of Yankee/New York culture, helps explain how that spread happened.

Reproduced from This Game of Games (CC BY 4.0)

Category: Sports

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