Profile: Jeff Turrentine

Writer & Editor

I’m a professional writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of platforms, including major daily newspapers, glossy consumer magazines, (ghostwritten) books, and digital media.
Currently I’m the articles editor at OnEarth, an award-winning online publication dedicated to environmental science, technology, policy, politics and culture. It’s a multifaceted position that requires me to move from long-form reported features to thoughtfully argued columns to blog posts built on breaking news -- typically within the same day. The range of topics and formats is well-suited to a happy generalist like myself; whether I’m editing someone else’s stories or writing my own, I’m at my best when my daily workload challenges me to learn something new, even as I'm in my element.

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NoteStreams By Jeff Turrentine

Which State Towers Over Others on Wind Energy?

It’s fitting that the tallest wind turbine ever to be built on American soil would be built in Iowa—the state that blows all the others away when it comes to investing in this clean, renewable energy source.

Category: Nature

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Suburban Sprawl Is Not Pro-Family

The middle class may be getting squeezed out of our cities, but the author of a new book dangerously mistakes the symptom for the cure.

Category: Social Awareness

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