Profile: Jean Kristeller

PhD, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Kristeller is interested in the effects of psychological variables on physical health and illness, which has informed much of her research. It has included work with compulsive eating and obesity, smoking, the role of the physician in facilitating health behavior change, anxiety disorders and the use of meditation as a way to promote self-regulatory processes.
Her current work in the meditation area examines ways to integrate meditative techniques into more comprehensive therapy or support programs in both the cancer area and in binge eating disorder (BED). A recent exploratory study (Kristeller & Hallett, 1999) demonstrated the benefits of a seven session problem-focused meditation program in treatment of BED. Further research is currently under development in this area.

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9 Principles To Help You Eat Mindfully

Excerpted from The Joy of Half a Cookie: Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight and End the Struggle with Food, in which Jean Kristeller, Ph.D., along with Alisa Bowman, teaches readers to reframe their relationships with food by cultivating mindful awareness.

Category: Self Discovery

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