Profile: Jason Tye-Din

Gastroenterologist and Researcher

Jason is a gastroenterologist and researcher with an interest in coeliac disease. He is involved in the clinical care of patients with coeliac disease and his research has helped characterise the immunological response to gluten, underpinning design of improved diagnostics and treatments for patients. He participates in university, hospital and community-based education of other physicians, GPs, medical students and dietitians and is Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of Coeliac Australia.
He is a co-inventor on patents pertaining to the use of gluten peptides in applications for patients with coeliac disease and is a consultant to ImmusanT Inc., a US-based company developing a novel diagnostic and therapy for coeliac disease.

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Everything You Need to Know About Coeliac Disease

The Neolithic Revolution introduced a whole range of new foods and proteins into the human digestive tract. But this phenomenal change created the perfect conditions for the rise of coeliac disease. While most proteins were readily consumed, some people’s immune systems struggled to tolerate others. Wheat was the first cereal to be widely domesticated, and in the case of the gluten protein from wheat, the result of this struggle was coeliac disease.

Category: Health

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