Profile: Jason Gilchrist

I am an ecologist. My main research projects have focused on Banded Mongoose group dynamics, Grey Mouse Lemur breeding, Social Spider colony demography, Chimpanzee social dynamics, and latterly Game Animal Stress Physiology. My field research has been based in Uganda, Madagascar, and South Africa. I lecture at Edinburgh Napier University, in Scotland. I studied for my PhD at the University of Cambridge, and my BSc at the University of Edinburgh.

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NoteStreams By Jason Gilchrist

Saving Rhinos by Chopping Off Horns

As the electric saw cuts into the base of the horn of the live rhino lying at my feet, I feel an uncomfortable guilt. The rhino shakes and judders and there is an unpleasant smell reminiscent of burning hair. I glance nervously at the friends around me, clad in khaki and camouflage.
But luckily for this rhino, I wasn’t a poacher and there was no blood or bounty – I was there as part of a conservation drive. The idea is that by removing the horn, we remove the motive for poaching.
In an ideal world we wouldn’t do this, but it’s for the good of both the individual rhino and the species.

Category: Nature

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