Profile: Jan Bryant

Jan Bryant, based in Monash University's Department of Fine Arts, has extensive experience teaching modern and contemporary art, including the history of experimental cinema and photography in art schools and universities in Australia and New Zealand. Since returning to Melbourne, she has been teaching courses on Post WW2 and contemporary art practices, and publishing regularly on local artists’ work from Auckland and Melbourne. Her most recent publications include Thoughts on Painting (2011), a book on contemporary painting, and “Sean Kerr Gives the Finger”, a section in Sean Kerr: Bruce is in the Garden; So Someone is in the Garden, (2011).

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NoteStreams By Jan Bryant

Explainer: Cubism

There’s a problem with the history of western art: we face it from the wrong side of decades of discursive dismantling. The conventional “story” of early 20th-century modernism, in which an advanced guard of painters moved towards greater forms of abstraction, seems so thin today, so limited in its scope, and so completely mired in gender and material prejudices.

Category: Arts

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