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Greta Brinkley

I’m Greta, and I do most of the writing and posting around here. I’m a 30-something West Coast native that is now Midwest based. What part of the West Coast, you ask? All of it! From stints that were just north of the Mexican border to just south of the Canadian border, I’ve lived everywhere. We even spent some time in the tropics!
Having those experiences has influenced my world views. I’m free-spirited, easy going, and always on the lookout for a great adventure. Be it food, fashion, travel, fun, or new products, I like to know about it. My tastes and personal style is very eclectic. I love Mid Century Modern design and color.
I love to create! I have used those skills to create products and projects for many manufacturers. I have had DIY projects published in books and magazines.

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Perfect Flowers for Easter and Spring

Easter is the perfect time to surprise a loved one with a beautiful bouquet, thanks to the fact that it heralds the arrival of spring and the wonderful flowers it brings with it. If you're thinking about doing just that, read our guide for some inspiration when it comes to the particular blooms you can choose at this time of year.

Category: Lifestyle

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How To Update Your Wardrobe On A Budget

You know the feeling. You open your closet and you have nothing to wear. Even though it’s full of clothes, you still feel this way. We get bored of our outfits quickly. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves and change up our look. It’s important because it builds our confidence. A new t shirt can help us take on the world. It sounds superficial but it’s true. There’s a reason they call it retail therapy. Shopping helps release endorphins and we feel better for it.
The only problem is money. There is a way to update your wardrobe on a budget and there’s nothing to stop you. Follow these simple tricks and get yourself a whole new wardrobe on the cheap.

Category: Fashion

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Nine Reasons to Visit Europe

For me, traveling has always been thrilling. Exploring new places and seeing new things is exciting. It is what many people enjoy more than anything else. It is such a shame that some people never get out there and see the world. There is a wealth of cultures out there that some will never see. When you plan your next trip, why not go further afield? There is no need to stay here in the US. Why not consider traveling to the continent? Here are nine amazing reasons to visit Europe in 2015.

Category: Travel

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Easy Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It seems that one of the resolutions that people always make is live a healthy lifestyle.
Whether it’s eating better, getting more exercise, or not really having a plan, this seems to be our joint goal. Hey, I’ve made this pledge to live a healthy lifestyle myself. Many times.
Getting into the habit of eating healthily and exercising regularly are both important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. It may be hard at first, but once you get into a routine of making healthier choices, it will become much easier.

Category: Health

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Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Health

There are some great ways that you can make yourself feel better. You need to start looking at ways of looking better and feeling great. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Some simple lifestyle changes are all that is needed t take care of your health.

Category: Health

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Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring!

It’s Spring Time again! Seriously, where does all this time go when it’s flying by so crazy fast?
Anyway, Spring signifies a time of renewal and a time of rebirth. The trees are budding out, and, in my area at least, the Dogwoods and Magnolia trees are in full bloom. I’m planning my vegetable garden. Life is good.

Category: Gardening

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