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Drink great beer and talk about it.

In 2006, Hoosier Beer Geek was founded with a simple mission:
Drink great beer and talk about it.
Initially, we used this blog as an excuse to drink and rate beer. Using the title 'The Knights of the Beer Roundtable,' we posted (and still occasionally post) the results of these tastings here for the beer consuming public.
Over the years, this mission has brought us together with people from various backgrounds, including artists, restaurateurs, chefs, entrepreneurs, and other civic leaders. While we didn’t originally anticipate cultivating relationships with these people, we’ve come to value the camaraderie that has blossomed as a result of our befriending them. What’s more, these relationships have allowed us to see that craft beer is about so much more than just drinking. Indeed, we now know that craft beer intersects with art, literature, music, food, urban affairs, economics, manufacturing, religion, and politics, not only locally but nationally.
Originally, drinking beer was our destination. Today, it’s our starting point. So now, Hoosier Beer Geek is still about drinking great beer and talking about it. But sometimes, these beer discussions will lead us to talk about something more than just the beer.

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On Pairing Beer and Food

A while ago, I gave a talk on beer pairings at Dig-IN. What surprised me is that my talk filled the speakers tent. Given the level of interest I observed, I thought it might be a good idea to carry the conversation over to the blog.
It all starts out with the ingredients. There are a number of ingredients and steps to making beer and as any homebrewer can tell you, it's a lot like making a soup. The increased number of ingredients are only one of the reasons that pairing beer with food is not only easier than pairing wine, it's also more diverse.

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