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One hundred years later, the legacy of the First World War lives on.
I am commemorating the centenary of the war by learning more about it and reflecting on its continuing influences. So from July 2014 until November 11, 2018, the First World War is the subject of my leisure reading. Mostly fiction. Some memoirs, diaries and non-fiction mixed in.
My explorations go from the causes through to the consequences. Honouring soldiers, nurses, ambulance drivers, spies, suffragists, pacifists, propagandists and those serving on the home front. Comparing Canadian perspectives with those from other countries. Seeing how perceptions have changed over time.
In between the book reviews, I share photos of First World War tributes from my travels near and far, in Monday Monuments and Memorials. I take an expansive view of what belongs – statues, cenotaphs, plaques, grave markers, sculptures, war art, ephemera and many other remembrances of the war. I seek them out wherever I go. Sometimes they present themselves to me out of the blue.
It’s a daunting challenge. Will you join me?

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Emily Hobhouse: Courageous Attempt to End WWI

Agent of Peace is the second of three books about UK pacifist and social reformer Emily Hobhouse written by her grandniece Jennifer Hobhouse Balme. The starting point for Balme’s research was a trunk of papers inherited from her father, Emily’s nephew. These personal accounts along with official records help create the story. Hobhouse is probably best known for her activism around the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). She traveled to South Africa and documented the appalling conditions for women and children in internment camps set up by the British Army.

Category: History

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