Profile: Glenn Altschuler

Professor, Cornell University

Glenn Altschuler is Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies and Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions at Cornell University
He received his Ph.D. in American History from Cornell in 1976 and has been an administrator and teacher at Cornell since 1981. He is the author or co-author of nine books and six-hundred essays and reviews. In addition to his scholarly essays, he has written for American Heritage Magazine, The Australian, The Baltimore Sun, Barron’s Financial Weekly, The Boston Globe, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Florida Courier, The Jerusalem Post, The Kansas City Star, The Los Angeles Times, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Moscow Times, The New York Observer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Portland Oregonian, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Tulsa World. His op-eds and book reviews appear regularly on The Huffington Post, on NPR's Books We Like, and on The National Book Critics Circle has cited his work as “exemplary.” For four years he wrote a column for the Education Life section of the New York Times. He was a regular panelist on national and international affairs for the WCNY television program The Ivory Tower Half-Hour, from 2002-2005. Glenn Altschuler has won several awards for teaching and undergraduate advising at Cornell. He is the recipient of the Clark Teaching Award, the Donna and Robert Paul Award for Excellence in Faculty Advising, and the Kendall S. Carpenter Memorial Award for Outstanding Advising. He is a Weiss Presidential Fellow. Altschuler has been an animating force in the rapidly growing program in American Studies, teaches large lecture courses in American popular culture, and has been a strong advocate on campus for high-quality undergraduate teaching and advising.

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Intercollegiate Football: All Is Not Well

College football is America’s national pastime. Tens of millions of fans will soon begin watching games each week, from the stands and on network and cable television. The top football programs in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) are money-making machines, thanks to billion dollar TV deals, corporate sponsors, sales of luxury seats and skyboxes, and tax breaks (for seat “donations,” broadcast rights and bowl game payments). Using financial records of the NCAA, investigative journalist Gilbert Gaul Billion Dollar Ball, 2015) has found that the 10 largest programs grossed US$229 million in 1999 and $762 million in 2012.

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