Profile: Gilman W. Whiting

Associate Professor

Whiting is an Associate Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies and Director of Graduate Studies. He is also the founding chair of the Achievement Gap Institute for the George W. Peabody College of Education. His areas of research include: Race, Sports, and American Culture; Educational Disparity; Special and Gifted Education; Welfare Reform and Fatherhood Initiatives. Whiting has authored over forty scholarly articles in journals such as the Roeper Review, Journal for Secondary Gifted Education, and The International Journal of Sport and Society, as well as multiple book chapters. Whiting is the creator of the Scholar Identity Model™ and consults with school districts across American and internationally.

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NoteStreams By Gilman W. Whiting

Only the Puck was Black: Race & the NHL

February’s release of Black Ice – the memoir of Val James, the first African American to play in the NHL – brought me back to when I was a teenager living in Boston. It was the winter of 1978 – the year of the infamous blizzard – when I had my first encounter with a sport that, until then, had only existed as something on TV that would compel me to change stations.

Category: Sports

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