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Drinks Writer

As a half Greek Scotsman, who previously lived and worked in Japan’s whisky industry for years, George Koutsakis is a spirits writer specializing in Japanese whisky, world whisky, and spirits. Aside from Alcohol Professor, he currently writes for, Saveur Magazine, Wine Enthusiast,, and acts as head of content for dekantā, the largest online retailer and specialist of Japanese whisky. When he isn’t writing, he’s probably swimming, watching Japanese anime, or travelling in search of gorgeous dishes and drams. Follow him on Instagram @whiskyislander

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NoteStreams By George Koutsakis

Around the World with Whisky Wood

Distillers around the globe are looking toward alternative tree varieties for whisky maturation.
The Alcohol Professor

Category: Cocktails

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Your Sake Adventure Begins Here

You’ve maybe seen a fictional group of samurai drinking it from tiny cups in a movie. Perhaps you’ve come across the large colourful bottles in your local liquor store. But what is it? It’s Japanese sake and, sadly, most people outside Japan know very little about it.
The Alcohol Professor

Category: Wine

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