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Francine Cohen is Editor in Chief of, a regular contributor to Beverage Industry News and and a hospitality and spirits industry consultant. She splits her time between developing successful brand marketing strategies and writing about the business of the f&b and hotel industries. Based in NYC, but happy to continue to travel the world, she has an appetite for great food and drink. Especially cheese. And snails.

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Booze for Babes: Smart Woman’s Guide to Drinking

It’s the 21st Century. Sad to think that a book titled Booze for Babes: The Smart Woman’s Guide To Drinking Spirits Right has to exist. But it does.
Why? Well, because… they don’t teach this stuff in school and because author Kayleigh Kulp felt the sting of every bad liquor ad geared towards women which seemed to relegate women’s tastes to the pink and frilly corner.
And its fun.

Category: Cocktails

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